Selling through Micro-stock agencies?


How to monetize your work?

Since photography is not only a hobby, but also a business, many photographers naturally wonder how to monetize their work and photos. One way is, of course, to find buyers/subscribers in the market. Since the offer is very large and practically everyone knows "someone" who will take photos of the company's products for a small fee, this is a very hard business and only a few succeed, who, thanks to persistence, good work and the right clients, create a recognizable name and a circle of clients. In this industry, therefore, there is an unrelenting struggle and the market is flooded with unfair competition that does not respect any rules (of which there are not many, the state leaves it to the free market and anyone can be a photographer, even if they have neither the education nor the right skills. Enough already camera and computer).

There is also a market called Micro-stock agencies. They are probably known to everyone who has been at least a little more serious about photography or design. It's about selling generic (and graphics) to design studios, journalists, publishing houses... Their bigger brothers, like Getty Images and similar, have been around for decades, but they mostly do business with a select set of photographers. Through these platforms, the market has also opened up to advanced amateurs and non-established photographers in the last 20 years. For many, such sales have become the only source of income.

How to enter this market and how to be successful there? There is no easy answer to this question. Above all, the background of success is a lot of photographic knowledge, hard work, a sense of aesthetics and knowledge of trends.


  • Since we don't actually have a direct client when selling/offering our photos, we have quite a bit of free rein as far as motifs and themes are concerned.
  • We have the entire world market at our disposal
  • We can sell the same photo several times to different buyers
  • The work is not limited by location, we can do it anywhere.


  • Great competition and market saturation
  • A fairly modest share of the sold photo, which often does not cover the costs
  • High technical requirements
  • Knowledge of the needs of design agencies, which are the main customers, is required
  • It requires fairly good knowledge of the English language


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Tomaž Berčič