About the photographer

My name is Tomaž Berčič. I have been involved in photography for almost 40 years, 20 of which professionally. I mainly specialize in commercial concept and food photography, but my biggest love is portraits and black and white photography. I participated in several group and solo exhibitions and received several awards and recognitions for my work. I published my works in domestic and foreign magazines and collaborated with publishers such as Digitalna fotografia. Subscribers include GettyImages, DOM magazine, VELUX, Polet weekly, Digital camera, Svet & Ljudje...

I am currently working as a creative director in an agency ART Design.


Solo and group exhibitions:

– Kresija Gallery – Tempus fugit
– Gallery DOWN – Stories
– KRKA Gallery – Portraits
– Vič library gallery – Portraits
– Goethe Institute Ljubljana – Faces of the streets of Ljubljana
– International exhibition Portrait 2008
– International exhibition Portrait 2009 (Prize for 2nd place according to the selection of the jury)
– Celje Overview Exhibition 2023 (FZS bronze medal for the Circus series)
– Club exhibition "Memories of "Maistra" 2024

Publications in the media

– PHOTO magazine (French and international edition)
– Digital Camera magazine (Germany)
– DOM magazine
– POLET magazine (series of covers)
– Digital Camera (series of articles)
– World & People magazine (travel reports)
– … etc


Useful links:

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Kresija Gallery
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