Stories from life


It happened very close to you. One day, a traveling circus visited the surroundings of Ljubljana. Not as big as we are used to. It was quite hearty, consisting of a few trucks, some old campers and trailers. A couple of children, who probably did not go to any school and were slowly getting introduced to the family business, crowded around the modest homes. They didn't have a single exotic animal, but they did have a clown who was also the director and owner at the same time. And they also had artists on the trapeze and a daring acrobat on a motorbike. He performed pranks and elicited screams from the audience when he seemed to defy the forces of gravity and the very next moment was going to be a disaster. Of course, they also had a carousel for the youngest and popcorn stands. After a good week, they satisfied the curiosity of the surrounding residents and left on a beautiful morning. They left behind holes in the grass and sawdust.

Prekmurje Roma

We visited them on a sunny spring Saturday. We came with an invitation to show us their village, of which they are proud, and to photograph this lifestyle of theirs. It's hard to see so much luck in a heap. Adults joked and told their stories, while children curiously jumped in front of the lens and rushed to see what was created. A little older young women also posed flirtatiously for the camera and wore their best dresses especially for the occasion. Some of them had real equipment like belly dancers use...

Institute for home care

One day, an acquaintance invited me to participate in the creation of a calendar for the Home Care Institute for the Elderly. They wanted to tell a story with portraits of their patients who, despite their age, still want to live their lives and prefer to live at home instead of going to DOS. I immediately liked the idea. We visited quite a few of them and the result of this work was a beautiful calendar. To conclude, the institution helped me organize an exhibition in Kresija gallery in Ljubljana, which was opened by Mayor Zoran Janković.


Panther. This is how the barber and hairdresser from Šentvid near Ljubljana is spelled. Well, now he is retired and the bar is closed. But it was a classic suburban hairdresser and barber of the old school. They don't make those anymore. His "office" always smelled of disinfectant and eau de toilette. Even as a child, my father always took me to him when my hair started to grow over my eyes. You sat comfortably on one of the comfortable chairs and while watching the other "fellow sufferers" waited for your turn. So it was visited by whole generations from the surrounding area.