Back to the good old days

The return of analogue I recently re-joined a photo club, namely Foto klub Kamnik (FKK Kamnik). What I […]


  Pixels are the basic building blocks of digital photos. Every digital photo is made up of a grid of tiny colored dots called […]

Author's photo

Creative photography is the same as original photography, and what do these definitions even mean? David LaChapelle: The Holy Family with Saint Francis, […]

Photography as a story

Photography as a story. When a Picture Speaks More than a Thousand Words Photography, as an art form, carries within itself the power to connect [...]

The fascinating world of analog

The fascinating world of analogue. In a world taken over by digital technology, analog photography seems to have become a rarity. Despite […]

Camera obscura

Camera obscura You've probably heard of the term "camera obscura". It is an image display principle that was developed already [...]

Graphic icons

Introduction: Graphic icons. They are everywhere. There are dozens of them on every electronic device. We use them to express purpose, type of service, action, emotions, [...]

Image formats

  Image formats when building web pages. When building websites, the use of image files is crucial, as visual elements [...]

3D printing. Why and how?

  Having a device that would allow us to make an object to our liking at the push of a button was […]


Hmm, time-lapse... I don't know how to call this in Slovenian, but since the term is so well-established and universally known, it's not even [...]

Basics of studio photography

  If you have a desire to take better studio photos, I invite you to join me for a basic studio photography course. Met […]

Beginner photography course

Hello, photography enthusiast! If you've landed on this subpage, you probably want to get to know your camera better in order to [...]

Subjective perception of colors

Problems of subjective perception of colors Subjective perception of colors. Once upon a time, two interlocutors were arguing about colors. One of them claimed […]

VIDEO LUT tables

What are video LUTs? Put simply, these are color tables where a certain command goes in video editors to "see" how it will […]

Food photography tips

  Tips for photographing food Every one of us at some point drools over a good photo of goodies. Some of the photos we […]