The importance of quality image material in promotion


Nikjer na spletu ne bomo našli dobre fotografije konkretno našega izdelkaThe importance of quality image material in promotion je marsikdaj zanemarjen. Slikovni material je eden izmed temeljev vizualne promocije podjetja ali projekta. Večina večjih podjetij se dobro zaveda ustreznega in strokovnega pristopa k temu. Sem spada tudi kvaliteten slikovni material, kamor uvrščamo fotografije, skice, ilustracije, infografike… Obrabljena fraza, kjer »ena slika pove toliko kot tisoč besed« pa v resnici kar drži. Ljudje smo v prvi vrsti vizualna bitja.


Quick solutions

Of course, smaller companies (as well as larger ones, make no mistake) often use instant/generic solutions, which are not necessarily bad, we just need to know how and where to use them. I'm talking about online image databases (iStock, Fotolia, Shutterstock, ...), where we can find really high-quality solutions that often cover basic needs, especially when it comes to symbolism and "image" presentation, background or lifestyle presentation...

But sometimes these solutions are not enough. We will not find a good photo of our product or service anywhere on the internet. It is logical that we cannot and must not mislead our customers/subscribers with images of something that is not really ours and for this purpose use generic images where the product is merely similar to what we sell. Such pictorial material is unique and we have to make it just for us.

It often gets stuck here because production (photo, video, illustrations) of course costs something. This is usually where people start walking down the wrong path. Everyone knows an acquaintance who bragged about his photos from Bali last fall, and there's no way he wouldn't be able to take a picture of that one of our products. He has a good device. We'll arrange the background with a sheet in the garage, but I also have to have those lights from the construction site somewhere, if it's too dark... And for the price of one pizza with beer, we'll arrange everything together. Excellent! Is it true?


Cheap solutions that are not

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs do not realize that this "pizza with beer" will indirectly be much more expensive. People are not stupid, and if we come across a presentation where savings were clearly made in this area, we quickly get a signal of distrust in our subconscious. Therefore, if the seller values the product and its customers so little, then it is not very likely that the product would actually be of good quality and that they would buy or order it. You probably wouldn't trust an acquaintance to install new windows on your house just because he knows how to do a lot of yard work and will do it for the price of Sunday lunch?

Therefore, when planning a promotion, it is essential to think about these things and allocate a certain part of the budget to them. This will pay off very quickly and pay off handsomely in the long run.

It is important to be aware of the fact that a handful of good and great photos make a much bigger impression than a bunch of average or below-average ones (the latter method can actually achieve the opposite effect). The same goes for video presentations. Films should be short, clear and well edited. Nobody but masochists look at a shaky camera and shots that are 5 minutes long.

So the point of everything is - less content, but the content used should be of really good quality. In this way, we will achieve the most important task of promotion, which, in addition to providing information, must first and foremost attract OUR ATTENTION.



Tomaž Berčič


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